Thursday, August 7, 2014

Oh THESE shoes!

If you do not know one thing about me, you must know I love SHOES! . Ok, first off when I love something, I dream about it and I was dreaming about these babies. A few weeks ago, doing some therapeutic shopping I came across Royalty (that’s her name). I did not buy them than because I have a monthly shopping budget... and lets just say I was a little over! So, a week later (lol), a new month that brings new beginnings, I went back to get some Royalty in my life. Whoever said Patience was a virtue was right. Not only did I get the last 7.5 in the company... I got them for HALF THE PRICE! Can I get a Yes Lord! 

Steff Monae'

The Shoes "Royalty"
Topshop @ Nordstroms!

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