Sunday, August 10, 2014

She BACK!!!

Well, What better way to come back than highlighting the most EPIC concert of the year! Yes, that's right J+B... On the Run. The concert was amazing not like I expected it to be anything less. I mean come on, Its Bee and Jay we're talking about! It was entertaining of course, but above all things it was inspiring! Jay performed 99 Problem's which made me think... In life we are faced with many different obstacles and sometimes we allow others perception of us to block us from reaching for the stars. We will literally go crazy if we consume ourselves with others and their thoughts of us. The truth of it is, not everyone will like, love, support, believe, etc, etc etc, in YOU! And I say.. OH WELL, We got 99 Problems but a ***** ain’t one! Any who, I had another interesting thought? Bee and Jay are, well were two ordinary people just like you and I, yet they believed in their dreams and followed through. The truth of the matter is, if they can bring their dreams to pass along with many other successes such as, Michael J, Obama, Opera and Martin Luther King (lol.. no, but seriously) just to name a few,  so can we!!! so.. Get to it, whatever it may be! 
~Steff Monae'

Top: Official On The Run Tour Tee. Bottoms: Forever 21 Boyfriend Jeans. Shoes: Top Shop (Nordstrom). Accessories: Braceletes (Forever 21), scarf (Nordstrom).

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